Monday, May 25, 2009

Ron White

One of my new favorite comics,Ron White.
Watch this show if you have 42 minutes to spare.
Very funny guy.
Ron White,You Can't Fix Stupid.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pontiac, no more

Hello ,this is yet another post about the all American muscle car.
I like to cover various subjects in this blog rather then bore you with the same old, same old, but here is my second post in a row on the same subject.
Hey, maybe your bored anyway,sorry, I will make this short.

General Motors announced last week that they are dropping the Pontiac line.
I saw this coming a long time ago.
In business it is location,location,location.
In the car business,I like to think even with all the talk about m.p.g. and safety, the people still wanted style.
Pontiac has had the same look for 20 years now,the same basic grill design for 40 years.
The GTO in my opinion could and should have been the new generation
for Pontiac, but look at what they put out as a GTO in 2006.

Compare that to what Ford did with the Mustang,what Dodge has done to the Challenger and Charger,what Chevy has done with the Camaro.

Below is the concept GTO that Pontiac had considered for releasr in 2009.

Which of these two look like a GTO to you?
Pontiac refused to move,so they are dead.