Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am a Hot Wheels Collector

I have been collecting Hot Wheels now for about 15 years.
I have no idea how many cars I have in my collection,but is has to be more then 3,000.

Unlike most collectors, I take the car out of the packaging unless it is a hard to find car or what is called a variation.If I really like a particular one, I will buy two, one to open and display, and one to keep on it's original card.
My favorite castings are Muscle cars,Corvettes,Camaros, Mustangs,Mopars and old Hot Rods.
The detail on most of these cars have improved much over the years.
Check them out, you might get hooked on collecting too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Killer Tomatoes ,the movie

One of the things I intend to cover in this blog is my passion for bad movies.
Every once in a while I will bring you the tittle of a movie that I consider a must see.

My first film is a film that is well known and one you may have heard of.
The movie is "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes", a PG rated movie from 1980.

This movie is about tomatoes that turn into killers attacking everyone in town.
If you like things that make your friends think your a little strange, you should enjoy this movie.

If you enjoy it, you may want to see "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Part 2,This Time Their Really Stewed".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cars found in barns,yards and in the woods

I have always had a love for old cars.Ever since I was a kid,whenever I spotted an old car I would try to imagine what it had been through and who had driven it and road in it.Junked and rusted cars were my favorite and still are today.

I remember exploring the woods close to my home with friends and we would sometimes come across abandoned cars in the middle of the woods. It seems we had discovered a popular place to dump junked cars.My friends and I would play on an around these cars for hours.I even had a collection of hub caps covering one wall in my bedroom.I wish I had kept them.
Here are a few pictures of cars that I found at various web sites, including a link to one of my favorite web sites on the subject.
I even made a scale model of a group of rusted out junks using some Hot Wheels cars. I am a collector of Hot Wheels.That will be a future post.

Sexy Women

I have nothing to say.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Larry?Larry Glick?

This is another clip I found at "The 365 Day Project".

Larry Glick was a radio talk show host on WBZ AM out of Boston Mass. from 1968 to about 1988.He moved to another station after and I got to listen less frequently.He worked the overnight shift and had a huge following. I was working the night shift on my first job after finishing school and I became a big fan of Larry.

If you called the show and Larry said hello and you responded with the question "Larry?" his response was always,"Let me check"
Devoted fans of the show became Glick Nicks. Fans would call from all over the world with stories or Larry would learn about someone who had a funny thing happen to themand he get a phone number for them and call live on the air.A lot of these clips became classics.
This is one clip I remember well,it was requested so much, Larry had to limit the number of times he would play tape.
Please give this clip a listen, and you could become Glick Nick yourself.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here is another jem from the 365 Day Project.
I think most of us are familiar with The Beach Boys Album "PET SOUNDS".
Here is some japaneese guys version of the album.
Be sure to read the notes below that the orignal owner has left.

Toru & Kojima - Smiley / Pot SoundsOk, so here's my weird story behind this disc. Many years ago I was visting a friend in Japan and searching for rare records. This was during my obsession with the Beach Boy's Smile Sessions. I actually found a version of Smile Outtakes on vinyl, but the store keeper decided not to sell, since he wanted it to prove that he had rare records in his store.At a completely different shop, I found this oddity on a shelf of completely Japanese CDs that I couldn't read accept for the spine "Smiley/Pot Sounds". I was like, "what the?" The original Smile cartoon cover was redrawn and altered.Thinking I had found another Japanese bootleg, I put it in the player when I got home. I was so MAD! Lol! At the time, it just sounded like some Japanese guy singing Karaoke! It tossed it in my suitcase, feeling completely gypped.MP3:01
Meant For You (0:42)02 Surfer Girl (2:23)03 Little Saint Nick (2:04)04 Don't Worry Baby (2:58)05 Wonderful (2:09)06 Surfer Moon (2:24)07 I DO (2:02)08 Please Let Me Wonder (2:49)09 You're So Good To Me (2:22)10God Only Knows (2:53)11 I Wanna Pick You Up (2:49)12 I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (3:18)13 Your Summer Dream (2:44)14 Much Love (5:13)15 By The Time it Changes to Memory (3:36)16 Never Come Back Boys' Days (3:50)17 Let The Wind Blow (2:58)18 Yesterday's Promise (3:40)19 Mysterious Night (5:34)20 Surfing USSR (2:55)21 For You, 100 Years Ago (2:40)22 I Want To Eat Whale (3:49)23 WOMAN (4:45)24 Spirit Of Rock'n Roll (3:30)Sometime later I came back to the mystery of this cd. And quickly realized that I had found something even more rare, before I even knew about the labeling of Outsider Music. I would often play tracks for friends during one of those, "Look what I found" occasions. I've grown to love it, though it's headache inducing at times. Looking at the photos on the back cover and the song credits, I think I've figured out that Toru & Kojima are the same person. It's just his first and last name.Pot Sounds is also included, for the completist. Not as interesting to the English speaker, this album is full of some of Toru's originals and a couple cover songs. The best part about Pot Sounds is that amazing art work! lolHappy Holidays!- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)Images: CD 2-Fold Cover, CD Back Cover, CD Liner NotesMedia: CDAlbum: Smiley / Pot SoundsLabel: Sister RecordsCatalog: BWTK-2683Date: 1997

When you think of Richard Dawson what comes to mind? Maybe Family Feud? How about Hogan's Heroes? The Match Game? How about a psychedelic single entitled "Apples and Oranges"?
Check this out.
Richard Dawson - Apples and Oranges

I found it at a site called "365 Day Project"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a funny picture

I was watching "THE SOUP" on the E' Channel a while back and the host showed the above picture.

The show is a compilation of various clips from shows on television the previous week. Very funny 30 minutes.

This picture appeared during the broadcast of a show called "THE MORNING SHOW" I think it is out of California. It appeared on screen during a report on something that had nothing to do with cats or spaghetti.
The host of "SOUP" has named it "SPAGHETTI CAT"
Whenever you need a laugh, just look at this picture.
This just in 2/25/09
There’s a clip making the rounds from the Mike & Juliet Show (a syndicated morning show, seen in NYC on Fox) where, during a segment about binge drinking, a picture of a cat eating spaghetti was inexplicably played. The clip was picked up by E!’s the Soup, and has been making the rounds. I’ll post the clip below, but guess what?
The picture was totally, one hundred percent played on purpose, and I’ll tell you why:
Talking to an anonymous Mike & Juliet staffer, I found out that the spaghetti cat was originally from a segment on their Pet Talent Show. This particular cat ate spaghetti with a fork, but when the cameras were on, it completely froze up. This made the people working there laugh… A lot.
Cut to several months later. The staffers were talking about the Dump Button.
Explanation: The show is on a five second delay in the event something goes wrong; a lawyer sits in the control room, and in the event something does happen, will hit the button, which cuts the audio, and goes to a different camera.
Normally, when they hit the button, it would cut to a shot of Times Square, or the audience. The staffers thought it would be hilarious to cut to the shot of the Cat Eating Spaghetti, and, when the girl in the segment cursed, that’s exactly what happened.
So… This “complete mess-up” is actually an in-joke that was revealed to world. And, if this anonymous staffer is to be believed, there’s a ton more Secret Spaghetti Cat stuff on the horizon, so stay tuned.
Here is a link to the clip from "The Soup"

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I just learned that you do not want to recycle pizza boxes.The grease mixes with the cardboard and makes it impossible to use in the production process.

My wife and I are both very much into recycling these days.It takes little effort it it is very important to help protect the enviroment for future generations.I never have this many beer cans,but This is just one persons drinking binge, imagine all this in the landfill.

Who knows, maybe you will come back in a future life.What would you want the planet to look like?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I did not vote for Obama for one reason, his membership in that church where Reverend Wright spew all his hate for the white man.
I was, however, happy he was elected. A fresh start, something I thought I would never see in my life,a black president of the United States.
He reminds me a little of Kennedy.
In only a couple weeks in office though and he has made some bad decisions concerning appointments to his cabinet.
I hope he gets it together.