Thursday, February 12, 2009

Larry?Larry Glick?

This is another clip I found at "The 365 Day Project".

Larry Glick was a radio talk show host on WBZ AM out of Boston Mass. from 1968 to about 1988.He moved to another station after and I got to listen less frequently.He worked the overnight shift and had a huge following. I was working the night shift on my first job after finishing school and I became a big fan of Larry.

If you called the show and Larry said hello and you responded with the question "Larry?" his response was always,"Let me check"
Devoted fans of the show became Glick Nicks. Fans would call from all over the world with stories or Larry would learn about someone who had a funny thing happen to themand he get a phone number for them and call live on the air.A lot of these clips became classics.
This is one clip I remember well,it was requested so much, Larry had to limit the number of times he would play tape.
Please give this clip a listen, and you could become Glick Nick yourself.

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