Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cars found in barns,yards and in the woods

I have always had a love for old cars.Ever since I was a kid,whenever I spotted an old car I would try to imagine what it had been through and who had driven it and road in it.Junked and rusted cars were my favorite and still are today.

I remember exploring the woods close to my home with friends and we would sometimes come across abandoned cars in the middle of the woods. It seems we had discovered a popular place to dump junked cars.My friends and I would play on an around these cars for hours.I even had a collection of hub caps covering one wall in my bedroom.I wish I had kept them.
Here are a few pictures of cars that I found at various web sites, including a link to one of my favorite web sites on the subject.
I even made a scale model of a group of rusted out junks using some Hot Wheels cars. I am a collector of Hot Wheels.That will be a future post.

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