Monday, April 4, 2011

The Giant Claw

   This is a movie that I have not seen yet, but just what I like.
Seems it is only available on VHS. It is very difficult to find any of these old VHS tapes these days.
  If you can help me find a copy,please leave information in the comment area.
 Following description is from Wikapedia.
Giant Claw is a 1957 science fiction film about a giant bird that terrorizes the world. Produced by Clover Productions under the working title 'Mark of the Claw' and released through Columbia Pictures, it starred Jeff Morrow and Mara Corday, and was directed by Fred F. Sears. The film has been a staple of the bootleg video market with only two official VHS releases (one in the USA through Goodtimes Home Video and the other through Screamtime

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