Monday, April 6, 2009

Junk Yard Jewels

I came across this site while searching for some Hot Wheels cars.

At the site you can purchase one of a kind 1/18 scale die cast models that have been made to look like old cars from junkyards or salvage yards.The detail on these cars is amazing.
Here is a description from the site:
Surface rust, rust holes, rusty bumpers, filthy interiors full of junk parts, primer & rusty body panels galore, these once proud classics are in sad shape indeed. I like to describe classic cars & trucks like these as "beat but complete" and these replicas definitely need it all. In all honesty, most wouldn't even be a decent parts car. Most wouldn't even attempt to restore rust buckets like these, but you'll be proud to make a custom Junkyard Jewel the centerpiece of your die-cast collection.

After visiting this site, I wanted to try to do this myself.I have done a few junkyard scenes with 1/64th scale cars. They are no where near the detail of what you find at

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